Term paper on professional level

At the end of the semester, the student must report to the teacher on his profile discipline, and the most frequent form of reporting – course paper. Course paper means the independent work of a student in his specialty, and implies a rather lengthy task that must be completed within a specified period. Importance of term paper writing is so high.  

This may be a scientific experiment, designing a device, writing a computer program, a sociological survey, etc. Quite strict requirements are made to the course paper, and at the same time, very often it is a necessary condition for admission to the exam.

Types of term paper writing

  • Settlement and graphic. This is the most common type of course paper. It is required to solve the problem and explain its decision. Depending on the complexity of the task, the deadlines range from 1 week to several months. The purpose of this paper is to test the student’s ability to apply this knowledge in practice.
  • Research. It is the most difficult type. The student must choose the research topic himself, conduct an experiment and interpret the data obtained. This task is designed primarily for independent work of the student, but the help of the supervisor will be required in any case.
  • Reporting. Here the student is invited to write a report in the form of a course paper on the practice or on the material studied. As a rule, such paper does not cause difficulties and is written in a very short time.

Course paper contains the following elements:

  • Title page – a sample title page should be obtained from the supervisor
  • Table of contents
  • Introduction – a brief description of the task and methods for its solution
  • The theoretical part – a statement of research methods, mathematical calculations
  • The practical part – the solution of the task, the description of the experiment
  • Conclusion – a brief analysis of the solution
  • References – usually at least 10 sources
  • Application – graphs, tables, charts, etc. submitted to the application. In the course work it is forbidden to use large fragments of foreign scientific articles, monographs, theses. The author’s position regarding the solution of the task should be visible

Preparatory stages

The first thing you need to decide on the topic of course paper. If the topic is not issued by the teacher, our company will help you choose the most appropriate one.

After that, you should consult with your supervisor, and check with him – whether he will provide the plan, goals and objectives of the paper, give advice on the subject literature and schedule the implementation of each stage of course paper or you will have to write a course paper completely on your discretion. The next stage is independent work with literature.

The student should study his task in detail with the help of literary sources. When ordering a term paper selection of the necessary literature is included in its price. Then you should plan your own course paper (if the head did not give it to you initially), highlighting in it all the important points and paragraphs. On it will be writing the main part of the work.

Drawing up a plan, as well as the selection of literature, is included in the price of exchange paper when it is ordered in our company. After drawing up the list of references and work plan, you should show them to your supervisor in order for him to approve the writing of the main part of the task.

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